Taft cover 30-06-04 FDC
25.00 USD

30-06-04 FDC commercial cover; Cincinnati, OH machine cancel; addressed; very good condition

Taft 36-08-21 cacheted cover
5.00 USD

36-08-21; Kenny ? cachet maker; National City, CA, machine cancel; addressed; very good condition

Taft Birthday
7.00 USD

76-09-15; Fleetwood cachet; Cincinnati, OH hand cancel; addressed; excellent condition

Taft cacheted cover
5.00 USD

Unused cacheted cover; unknown cachetmaker

Taft 92-09-15 Metallic cover
12.00 USD

92-09-15; birthday Metallic cover; Fleetwood cachet maker; Cincinnati, OH hand cancel; unaddressed, excellent condition

Full picture envelope
7.00 USD

Koto Envelope Co full picture envelope; unused, good condition

Taft Sherman postcard
10.00 USD

A & S postcard, used with minimal message with Ben Franklin stamp; very good condition